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Custom Closet Organizers


Closet organizers are the ultimate way to resolve clutter in your home. No matter how big your closet is, without organization, it always seems to be an unorganized mess. Using closet organizers allows you to store your belongings efficiently so that space is ultilised to its maximum potential.

Oganizers divide your closet space into workable sections designed for specific purposes. You can separate the various category of clothing into their own sections so you always know where they are and can are presented to you clearly.

Shoe Organizers


Many customers find shoe organization to be the most enjoyable component of reducing clutter. Pairing shoes and presenting them, whether for easy selection or for a collection-like display, is simple and satisfying.

Using small cubbies, shoe shelving, roll out cabinetry, glass cabinetry, LED lighting, complimentary colours, angled shelving and more, their are endless possibilities and designs for shoe organizers.

Clothes Organizers


Closet organizers can be designed to suit your clothes such as longer spaces for dresses and shorter spaces for jackets. Don’t forget about your hats, they also need space and ideally have a section of their own.

With infinite design possibilities, you could separate your clothing by season, colour or simply separate your clothes from your partner’s. Clothes organizers optimize space and help you find any item anytime.

Custom Made Closet Organizers


ClutterX can make custom closet organizers designed with 3D software. Custom closet organizers are designed around your closet’s contents and your imagination, so everything has its perfect place and space is efficiently used. As you can see the designs before production begins, you can approve the design so its exactly what you dreamed of.

Closet organizers create perfectly sized sections for your clothing, jewellery, footwear and accessories. Sections for pants, shirts, jackets, shoes etc. means no wasted space and room for expansion.

When everything has its place, it never goes missing and you never have to search.

Cost Of Closet Organizers


The cost of a closet organizer varies depending on multiple factors. These include:

  • Materials (Wood/Glass/Metal)
  • Style (Finish)
  • Size
  • Design
  • Construction Time (Labour)
  • Lighting
  • and more…

To get the exact cost of a closet organizer, contact ClutterX and speak to one of our experts for a free in-home consultation.

What is The Process Of Getting A Closet Organizer?


The process of getting closet organizers involves design, fabrication, and installation.

  1. The design stage involves using our 3D software to design a closet organizer into your closet space. Working with the customer, we design the organizer based on your ideas and our experience to create the storage system you need.
  2. Once the design has been completed, we begin fabrication of the organizer using only the highest quality materials.
  3. When the materials are pre-fabricated as much as possible, the in-home installation begins. We offer a fast installation service to minimise disruption in your home and you can use your new closet organiser as soon as possible.

Once completed, you will have your dream organizer and clutter will be a thing of the past.