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Customized Closets


A “one-size-fits-all” closet quickly becomes a stressful game of trying to make things fit in a space that they were never meant to be. With a custom ClutterX closet, your mornings will go from tripping over clothes and fighting with hangers, to admiring your wardrobe and starting your day stress-free.

Walk-In Closets

With the space and luxury of a walk-in closet, options are endless. Custom fitted shoe racks, hidden laundry hampers, and velvet lined jewelry drawers are all features we have designed. Even adding a central island in your closet is a beautiful option! Get your walk-in closet looking like a showroom, and your entire wardrobe will begin to feel like it’s in a store window.

Minimal Space?

This is where we shine. At ClutterX, function is always a top priority. Small spaces are the ideal canvas for creative solutions. We have experience with custom designs that will make your small closet function and feel like a walk-in.

Our Customers'



"We could not be happier with the work done in our home by Shaq and his team! Jackie was amazing and incredible at designing one’s needs! They are truly the best company to do the job we wanted done!"

Elisa Boyce

“ClutterX did a fantastic job installing our storage cabinetry. They were able to maximize our space and truly creative the storage solutions we needed. Thank you ClutterX!"”

Bailey Antonishyn

“Thank you Clutter X for my wonderful en-suite organizer ! I absolutely LOVE it !! The job was done in a timely manner & very professional ! Thanks Shaq!!”

Emerald Cheryl Schultz

“Shaq did an amazing job on our bedroom closet! Can't wait to get all the others done!”

Damon Fortin

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Stella Janson - COPYWRITER

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Lara Silva - Interior designer

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Tim Black - Designer