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Garage Organizers


A garage is often the first part of the home we see, as well as the most disorganized. Why is this? Vehicles are mixed with tools, garden supplies, sports equipment, extension chords, renovation materials – the list goes on. We try to fit all of these things into a single open space, and the result is stress and tension. At ClutterX, we specialize in bringing organization to your garage. We will custom fit your garage with everything it needs to go from a tangled mess to an efficient, stress-free space.

Customized Wall Storage

Looking for something in your garage and digging through boxes can quickly turn a fun home-project into a stressful one. With our customized wall storage racks, we will build you an exact space for all of your tools, supplies, and sporting goods. Best of all, they can be tucked away in our custom shelving units, or displayed on wall hooks so they are always in sight when you need them.

Overhead Storage

When you spend money on a kayak, bike, or any expensive sporting good, keeping it safe is a top priority. One solution to keep these things as safe as possible, is custom overhead storage. This can include a series of special wall hooks for your bike or a special rack to keep your kayak out of harms way until your next adventure. For heavier equipment, we can even install specialty motorized racks that lower and lift at the touch of a button! No solution is out of reach with ClutterX.

Our Customers'



"We could not be happier with the work done in our home by Shaq and his team! Jackie was amazing and incredible at designing one’s needs! They are truly the best company to do the job we wanted done!"

Elisa Boyce

“ClutterX did a fantastic job installing our storage cabinetry. They were able to maximize our space and truly creative the storage solutions we needed. Thank you ClutterX!"”

Bailey Antonishyn

“Thank you Clutter X for my wonderful en-suite organizer ! I absolutely LOVE it !! The job was done in a timely manner & very professional ! Thanks Shaq!!”

Emerald Cheryl Schultz

“Shaq did an amazing job on our bedroom closet! Can't wait to get all the others done!”

Damon Fortin