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How To Build a Custom Closet

Custom closets begin with a space. Any space, any size. From that space comes a vision, whether that is the vision of the closet space owner, or the vision derived from the creative mind of the closet designer, it is a vision that can become a reality. Many times, a closet owner has a vision of what they see as their perfect closet. It is my job to make that vision a reality. In other cases, a home owner sees their closet but cannot see the potential it has to become their ideal closet space. In this case, it is my job to first make them see what they can do with their closet space and then let them decide. 

walk in custom closet by ClutterX

When the client has no preconceived ideas

When the owner is asking what I can do to give them a custom closet, I begin by taking an approximate inventory of what they have regarding items for storage in the closet. If there are any items, or groups of items that they are particularly fond of, such as handbags or shoes, I design parts of the closet specifically for those items. Once I have the concept, I begin to design a custom closet in their space’s exact dimensions using custom closet 3D design software. Once completed, the customer can visually see their final design concept before any material is made. Every client has found this to be very helpful in making their decision. 


When the client knows what they want

shoes displayed on shelves

When you know what you want, getting your dream closet begins with a conversation. A conversation with a closet designer is simply describing what your idea custom closet would have or look like. We also inspect the space where you want to install your custom closet. At ClutterX, we talk with you about what aspects of the closet you want and build it into our closet design software utilizing the dimensions of the space. Using our experience in closet design, we will also discuss functionality with you. Over the years, we have learned a lot about closet functionality and we are happy to offer advice on how to make your closet space not only visually stunning, but also entirely functional. 

As an example, using low LED lighting is a great way to enhance the look of your closet but when it comes to functionality, you need to ensure that the same LED lighting illuminates the spaces within the closet so you can easily find what you want. In addition, if you are trying on clothing in the closet, dim illumination is not ideal and so we can incorporate a separate lighting system for the location of a mirror. 

Are custom closets suitable for small spaces?

Yes, in fact, I would argue they are more suitable for small spaces. To start, off-the-shelf closet systems are a set dimension and rarely fit your closet space exactly so useful space can be lost in the overflow. 

functional custom closet drawer

Since small spaces provide a lesser amount of storage space, it is most important to utilize it more efficiently than large spaces. Small spaces may be more challenging but through our extensive experience building custom closets, we have learned many tricks for building functionality into small spaces without the space becoming overwhelmed. 

As an example, high shelving often pose a problem for people who are short as they tend to not use them as it is a hassle to retrieve items from high shelves. In fact, most times, people forget what is up there and they tend to become long term storage. However, if you use glass shelving, you can see what is on those high shelves and decide if that is what you want or not. Items are less likely to be forgotten about bringing functionality to all the shelves and not just those at eye level.


How “custom” are custom closets?Custom drawer with jewellery

All our closets are built into the space you provide so in order to fit exactly and use every inch of space, each piece is made to fit meaning every part of your closet is custom made. “Custom“ doesn’t doesn’t stop with dimensions, it extends to the material itself, the finish or colour on the material, door knobs, handles, shelving, lighting brightness/colours, sizing, shelving angles, opening direction, sliding shelves etc. The possibilities are endless. 


Are there budget custom closets?

Absolutely, a custom closet can cost a lot less than you think. That’s the great part about customization and discussing it with an expert. This is the real benefit of the free in-home consultation we offer. Talk with us about what you want and we can discuss options of how to fit it into your budget. 

budget custom closet

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