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Laundry Room

Customized Laundry Room Storage


Laundry rooms have a tendency to be overtaken by errant clothing and cleaning supplies. This is why they are often a hidden or overlooked room in the home. Yet laundry is such an essential part of our lives, so why do we choose to do it in a stressful, cluttered environment? Believe it or not, at ClutterX we have designed countless laundry rooms to be inviting spaces. It’s time to reinvent your laundry room and take back this neglected space.


Laundry rooms are meant to hold irons, ironing boards, steamers, etc. – so why is there never a place for them? No matter what equipment you keep in your laundry room, we will build the perfect storage solution for it. Your supplies will be out of sight when you don’t need it, and easy to access when you do.


A proper laundry room requires space for placing hampers, folding your garments, putting away detergents, etc. We can help you design custom storage solutions that maximize your space, adding shelves, cupboards, and counter space, exactly where you need them. Call us today, and we can design you a laundry room that is made to do laundry

Laundry Room Organisation


Like storage in other rooms, laundry room storage can take many forms including cabinetry, linen basket spaces, pull-out drawers, open shelving, countertops, hanging rails etc. 


It is not just laundry that is done in the laundry room. In addition to storage, other facilities also need to be accommodated for, such as power outlets, ironing-board storage, steamer storage, laundry accessories such as detergent and dryer sheets among others.  


The key to storage for laundry rooms is efficiency of space. Laundry rooms are usually small tight spaces, much of which is taken up by the washer and dryer. In order to make the most of the space available, it is important to design your laundry storage system into the available space. 

Washer dryer with laundry room cabinetry

Laundry Room Countertop

Even countertops in laundry rooms need planning. Consider the size of countertop  you need, designate a folding station and perhaps build in the ironing area also. If you are building in an ironing station, make sure the material used is suitable for resisting high temperatures.

Iron and shirt on ironing board

Laundry Room Shelving

Beyond countertops, traditional shelving, a drying rack or even wall hooks can be used to store laundry items. Shelving can be very useful for sorting items before or after cleaning. Remember those colours and whites need to be separated!

folding clothing on a shelf

Laundry Basket Storage

Under countertops should have enough space for tall laundry baskets which are ideally stored beside the washer and dryer, hence no lifting. As they vary in size, it is recommended to build them oversized to accommodate any larger baskets you may get in the future. 

Don’t forget to include a space for a lint bin so you always remember to remove the dryer lint.

laundry room cabinets and shelving

Extra Laundry Room Space

Got some space left over? How about a lost-and-found area for those odd socks and unclaimed clothing items. 

Maybe add a whiteboard for taking notes, making announcements and reminders.

Use all the space you have. High cabinets and shelving can be used to store items not frequently used.

odd socks in a laundry basket

Laundry Room Storage Design


Laundry room design is an important step in creating the perfect laundry storage system. Because laundry room size varies significantly between locations, pre-planning laundry room cabinetry and shelving will ensure the final result is ideal to organise your clutter.

The best tool available for planning an organising system is 3D design sfotware. ClutterX uses 3D design to plan all aspects of your new custom laundry room organising system.

3D software designed laundry room storage

Shared Space Laundry Storage

Is your laundry area not in its own room? Do the laundry machines make the room look unsightly? You can add closet doors to close over the area and hide it all from sight. When sharing a room, the storage system can be designed to accommodate both functions of the room. 

Laundry Room Storage Tips

  • As with all cabinetry, sufficient lighting is important in laundry rooms. Adequate lighting helps you inspect laundry items for stains, creases when ironing, measuring out laundry detergent, selecting the correct buttons on the washer/dryer etc. 
  • Like any other part of your home, decorating your laundry room makes it a nicer place to be. You can add potted plants, decorative images, custom pick the colour of your cabinetry, add a pleasant backsplash etc.
  • Remember to store laundry accessories away from other items, especially in shared laundry spaces as the fragrances of washer/dryer accessories can transfer.
  • Open shelving will ensure air circulates around the laundry accessories and prevent mildew on damp items and odour problems.
  • Open wall spaces can be used for hanging racks for clothes, hooks to store items like an ironing board or a fold down ironing board.
  • A mix of closed cabinetry and open shelving provides the most versatility of use.
  • Add space for a rail to enable you to hang up clothing right out of the dryer for wrinkle free clothing.
  • Consider using decorative glass cabinet doors when designing the laundry room storage. This adds style and makes it easy to find stored items.

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