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An office is one of the most common places for building up clutter. With daily use and continuous production of documents and records, it is easy to accumulate the need for a large amount of storage.

Filing cabinets are always a necessity but it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. With over 15 years of experience, ClutterX has been designing and creating office storage sytems for both home offices and work offices. We have a large variety of colours and materials to create your perfect work atmosphere.

Office Storage: 3D Model Design to Reality


The first step in office design is our complimentary in-home or in-office consultation with an interior designer. After a discuss about your vision of you perfect office storage space and suggestions from our designers, we bring your vision to life through the use of 3D- design software.

You get the chance to see your design completed in 3D before any work begins in creating your office space. Once confirmed, we go to work ordering materials and custom making them to fit perfectly into your space.

See a sample of our colours and styles by clicking on the link below:

Open Office Filing Cabinet

Professional, Convenient & Organized


Once you step into your new office, you can begin your new clutter free worklife where you will be more efficient and organized. Find everything you need with ease using your custom made spaces.

Impress your clients with your high quality, expertly designed office storage.

How Much Does Office Storage Cost?


Office storage varies in cost depending on multiple factors. The first thing to consider is the size of the space the office storage will be built into.

The second factor is the material used to construct the storage cabinetry. With so many options of finishes and prices available to you, your choice of finish will adjust the price accordingly. Of course, we can make recommendations to keep everyting within your budget.

Next, consider the accessories such as metal, glass or custom lighting. In many cases, these are the icing on the cake to create that stylish modern look. You may also want custom designs. With the added material and labour, this can increase the cost.

Despite the variety of options available, we can work with just about any budget so you get your work life organized. Ask us what we can do for you!

cabinetry being cut by a saw

Our Clients'



"We could not be happier with the work done in our home by Shaq and his team! Jackie was amazing and incredible at designing one’s needs! They are truly the best company to do the job we wanted done!"

Elisa Boyce

“ClutterX did a fantastic job installing our storage cabinetry. They were able to maximize our space and truly creative the storage solutions we needed. Thank you ClutterX!"”

Bailey Antonishyn

“Thank you Clutter X for my wonderful en-suite organizer ! I absolutely LOVE it !! The job was done in a timely manner & very professional ! Thanks Shaq!!”

Emerald Cheryl Schultz