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Custom Kitchen Pantry


From one home to the next, we eat different foods, stock different ingredients, and use different tools for cooking. To accommodate this, pantries are often made to be as generic and featureless as possible. This leads to clutter and stress in a key area of the home. At ClutterX, we understand that cooking a meal for your family can be stressful enough without trying to fit a round pot into a square space, and we can help.

Custom Kitchenware Shelving

We all spend a lot of money on our kitchenware, only to bring it home and struggle to fit it into generic shelving. The solution is in simple, customized shelving for all of your important kitchen tools. At ClutterX, we build specialized racks which keep all of your pots and pans secure and easily accessible. We also build custom storage spaces for your lesser used appliances, such as blenders, food processors, juicers, bread makers, and more! Making them disappear when not needed, and easily accessible when you do.

Ideal Food Storage

We specialize in creative solutions. Whether its spices, snacks, or beverages that you struggle with, we can help you manage the clutter. Revolving spice racks, hide-away snack compartments, and easy-access beverage holders are all things that we have designed in the past. We will happily customize your pantry to fit your food like a glove, making cooking fast and morning lunches a snap.

Storage Pantry

Having a well organized pantry makes food preparation a breeze. Spend less time searching for the ingredients and more time cooking, baking etc. Like any well-organized storage system, ClutterX make storage and locating of foods and utensils easy to make meal preparation less of a chore. How? Custom made pantry cabinetry and shelving means you can make the most of the space you have for a pantry.

Long open shelves typically become cluttered with endless half empty containers of foodstuffs and scattered utensils. Making custom spaces for all your utensils means you can always find the items you want.

Shelving & Cabinetry in a pantry
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Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry offers the most versatility for organization systems. The more space you have, the more shelving, cabinetry, drawers, even rotating shelving, you can build in. The best thing about getting a custom pantry built into your space is the variety of options you have from shelving material and colour, number of shelves, to spaces made for specific purposes.

Pull-Out Pantry

When space is more limited, pull-out pantries are ideal for maximising space and using the entire space for storage. Custom made shelf heights and purpose built cabinets can ensure all your storage needs are met.

Corner Pantry

Possibly the most common feature in any modern home is a corner pantry. With plenty of space to hold food for a family but not so much to take up a lot of space or possibly store all the utensils, a corner pantry is ideal for a family of any size. Like walk-in pantries, they are customizable to suit many needs with a large variety of options of materials and colours.

organized walk-in pantry
pull-out pantry with custom shelving
Corner Pantry with custom cabinets
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Pantry Design

There is no generic perfect pantry design. The perfect pantry is a creation for each individual and their needs. We use 3D design software to design the perfect pantry for you through discussion of your needs with our expert designers. Through a combination of experience, budget and space, we can make your dream pantry a reality. However, before the first piece of material is cut, you can see and approve your design.

example of 3D design software

Pantry Design Tips

  • Put shelving up the walls as high as possible. Even spaces less accessible are useful. Place seasonal items and non-child friendly items on the highest shelf when not in use leaving space on lower shelves for daily/weekly use items.
  • Shelving doesn’t usually go all the way to the ground so to fill the gap usefully, add drawers, cabinets or baskets to hold items and make full use of the space.
  • Label containers at the top so you can easily identify the contents without moving the items on the shelves to see the lables on the sides.
  • Add a space for a whiteboard so you can write down the items you need to replenish when you finsh them.
  • Keep the most commonly used items at the closest space and at eyelevel. Items that need to be replenished frequently should be in clear containers to see how much is left.
  • Reduce clutter using labelled baskets or containers to hold similar items such as cans of vegetables. Less items on the shelf make it look tidier.
  • For a variety of similar items such as spice jars, you can use tiered shelving so each label is visible simultaneously and easy to find.
  • Add a barrier at the edge of the shelf to prevent items getting knocked off the shelf accidentally.
  • Don’t forget that even your pantry door can provide storage space if it has no glass.

Pantry Storage Cabinets

ClutterX build custom pantry storage cabinets into your pantry. We have a large variety of materials and colours to choose from. You can match your kitchen colour theme or make it a unique design of its own.

Consider the option of solid or glass cabinet doors, pull out drawers, tiered shelving, sectioned spaces, hidden pantry sections, contrasting colours, sliding pantry shelves and everything organised and easy to find.

Some people choose to use their pantry as an extension of their kitchen or as a place to hide some kitchen appliances out of sight. It is quite common to build a microwave shelf into the pantry or a space to use lesser common appliances like blenders, slow cookers or mixers. It is also an ideal place to build in a wine cooler if there is no space left in the kitchen.

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Butler’s Pantry

A Butler’s pantry (often called a scullery), is a space in a home dedicated to storing diningware and kitchen utensils. Some food preparation can be done in the Butler’s pantry but it is primarily used for storage. A Butler’s pantry is larger than a common household pantry and is almost like an additional room usually made into the original planning of the space. However, there are no criteria as to what is and is not a Butler’s pantry, they are usually just a larger space.

Being larger spaces, they are ideally suited for built-in custom pantry cabinetry, shelving and drawers. Providing all the storage means the kitchen itself can be completely clutter free. You can store the non-daily use dishware and utensils while keeping the daily use utensils in the kitchen.

What Facilities are in a Butler’s Pantry?

The pantry will usually have drawers for the silverware, cabinets for the dishware, appliances and foods, shelving for foodstuffs and easy access utensils. Depending on the size of the space, a Butler’s pantry may have a separate island countertop for preparation, wine shelving or coolers, table linens, candles and glassware. Further additions could be a dishwasher, refrigerator, a sink and a bar for preparing alcoholic beverages.

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ClutterX Can Build Your Pantry

Why hire ClutterX to build your pantry? Well, with years of experience, in-house expert designers, 3D design software to see the design prior to building, a large variety of colours and designs and speedy service, we can make the pantry of your dreams!

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